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[ waicon ] Sasuke & Naruto cosplay improv
Anybody in need of a laugh? Want to see Sasuke play guitar and Naruto does karaoke?

This video is of a cosplay skit I (Sasuke) did with my friend (Naruto) that went wrong. We had audio but they didn't seen to have it so our MC did some improv with us. We were one of the last acts in the Waicon 09 Sunday Cosplay competition (if anyone attended in Perth).

I had no idea someone had uploaded this skit but I found it and thought to share the laughs.

SingStar no Jutsu and GuitarHero no Jutsu were originally a part of our skit. I'll persuade my friend to do a homevid of the proper skit, if there's any interest.

I'm completely embarrassed by this XD but please comment away.

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that was the funniest thing i have ever seen!

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